Problem Solving Book

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by Carolyn DeMoss

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Lesson 1

Algebra: Understanding Addition Relationships

Lesson 2

Algebra: Understanding Subtraction Relationships

Lesson 3

Fact Families

& Inverse Operations

Lesson 4

Checking Work with Inverse Operations

Lesson 5

Problem Solving:

Sums to 20

Lesson 6

Problem Solving:

Sums to 100

Lesson 7

Problem Solving:

Subtraction 1-18

Lesson 8

Problem Solving:

Subtraction 1-100

Lesson 9

Measure to the Nearest Inch

Lesson 10

Measure to the Nearest Centimeter

Lesson 11

Flat and Solid Geometric Shapes

Lesson 12

Using Data in Charts, Graphs, & Pictures

Lesson 13

Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, & Months

Lesson 14

Telling Time to the Hour, Half-hour, & Quarter-hour

Lesson 15

Finding the Sum Using the Associative Property

Lesson 16

Determining Elapsed Time

Lesson 17

Finding the Range and the Mode

Lesson 18

Determining Patterns Using Size, Shape, & Color

Lesson 19

Combining and Taking Apart Geometric Shapes

Lesson 20

Using a Rule to Complete a Pattern

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